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PEPPERELL — Longtime neighborhood hot-dog stand Sandy’s Lunch Box has been in business for more than 20 years. The shop has been handed down from owner to owner and is in the process of switching management once again.

Doug Keele has been looking at a couple of mobile units around Massachusetts to start a hot dog and sandwich business and is particularly interested in renting Sandy’s Lunch Box because he said it has a great reputation in town.

At the Board of Health meeting Tuesday, Keele asked the board to consider the property a mobile unit so he can continue fixing the business and re-open it as his own soon.

Keele said District Food Inspector Bridgette Braley, of Nashoba Associated Boards of Health, wants to reclassify the property as a standalone restaurant rather than a mobile unit.

If the property is reclassified, it would need to follow a new set of regulations, including a septic system and a public water supply well, which it currently does not have.

“These circumstances would prevent it from ever re-opening,” said Keele.

Pepperell Board of Health member Virginia Malouin and Nashoba Associated Boards of Health agent Kalene Gendron both said Keele would have to go through a set of steps, including an application.

After that, the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health would review the property according to the Massachusetts Federal Food Code and has the right to approve or deny the property as a mobile unit.

“I think it’s essential we maintain equity for everyone in town and go the route that everyone goes through,” said Malouin.

Keele said he would file an application with Nashoba Associated Boards of Health and continue to take the proper steps.

Other issues addressed in the meeting dealt with home code violations, wage changes to Board of Health employees and how to correct critical violations effectively and in a timely manner.

Board of Health Chairman John Marriner was against any wage increases. One proposed increase was for Board of Health Secretary Sandra Grogan. Marriner and board member Phillip Durno said the town could not afford it.

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