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River cleanup Aug. 17

PEPPERELL — The Evening Sun Fly Shop likes to do its share in keeping the environment clean.

Owner Charlie Shadan said that part of protecting local rivers and streams is to clean up the trash that people leave behind.

To do that, the shop hosts an annual river cleanup that gathers volunteers from town to clean up the Nissitissit and Squannacook rivers.

“This is an outreach endeavor on the shop’s part to protect local waters for all the guys and gals that go fishing,” said Shadan.

Shadan started this conservation project six years ago when he noticed that people would treat “the world like an ash tray,” and decided to be the new watchdog.

“Without clean water, we are all in trouble,” he said, “They aren’t making any more clean water, so we have to protect (what) we have.”

Shadan started his business as a part-time venture eight years ago. He had always loved fly-fishing and conservation activities and was able to be involved in both at the fly shop.

“It was a lifelong dream to be able to own a fly shop,” he said.

Shadan owes his love for fly-fishing to his godfather, who introduced him to fishing when he was 16.

Forty-nine years later, Shadan likes to keep his godfather’s legacy alive.

“He passed away and wasn’t able to see the fly shop, but he would be in his glory to see what’s been going on,” said Shadan.

Volunteers will be provided with trash bags and gloves. All they need to do is show up to help.

“It’s heartwarming to see so many volunteers from the fishing community,” said Shadan

The event will be on Aug. 17. Those wishing to volunteer should show up at the shop at 55 Groton St. at 2:30 p.m. The cleanup will be followed by a cookout provided by the shop.

For information and to sign up as a volunteer, contact Shadan at

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