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The Ayer Train Station Advisory Committee has completed a postcard campaign to Dr. Beverly Scott, general manager of the MBTA. The campaign seeks a firm deadline of Labor Day for finalizing a solution to access issues across Depot Square.

Construction of a new parking facility at Park Street is indefinitely on hold as negotiations between the MBTA and the Depot Square property owner over access continue. Commuters and residents alike have grown impatient with the impasse.

Volunteers for ATSAC collected more than 160 signatures on postcards, mailed to Dr. Scott on July 29.

Each card contained the following message:

“I appreciate the efforts of the MBTA to negotiate defined access for the Depot Square property in Ayer per the deed restriction with the owner. I urge you to set a firm deadline before Labor Day for finalizing a solution. The Ayer train station is an extremely busy station on the Fitchburg line. Difficulty in accessing the platform, or finding parking, may cause many of us to look to alternative solutions for our commute to Boston.”

ATSAC was created to expedite the planned $3.2 million in commuter rail improvements, including a new surface parking facility at Park Street. The project has been completely funded, and simply awaits the green light from federal authorities for commencement. Ayer Station is among the busiest on the

Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line to Boston, serving more than 300 East bound commuter trips daily.

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