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In September 2013, a Wall Street investment report called Kinder Morgan a “House of Cards,” singling out what it called the corporation’s “high-level business strategy…to starve its pipelines and related infrastructure of routine maintenance spending.”

If you Google “Kinder-Morgan Violations,” you will find page after page of articles from all over the country, documenting fines and penalties levied on Kinder-Morgan for pollution of rivers, harbors, watersheds and aquifers; oil pipeline leaks; gas pipeline leaks; oil spills; pipeline explosions (five workers killed and several injured in 2004 because the location of a pipeline was not correctly marked); hazardous material spills; illegal mixing of toxic solvents into gasoline; bribery of a ship captain to dump toxic waste at sea; serious OSHA safety violations; unfair labor practices, including failure to pay overtime; shoddy maintenance practices; fraud, theft, and falsified documents; inadequate emergency plans; pipeline safety violations; drilling violations. The list goes on and on. Their coal facilities have repeatedly violated the Clear Air Act and their pipelines have violated the Clean Water Act on many separate occasions in many states.

There is NO WAY we want to let this company run rough-shod over the citizens of Massachusetts. The pipeline is a bad idea even if it were being proposed by a company with a good reputation.

Both Kinder and Morgan were high-level executives at Enron, and we all know how THAT turned out. Watch the documentary “Gasland” showing the devastation to people’s lives caused by the boom in fracking across the country. When you can light your tap water on fire, or have it polluted by any of the 596 chemicals used in the fracking process, you can’t sell your house and move because no one will buy it.

Now Kinder Morgan wants to build a pipeline for this dirty gas through our towns, where up to 75 percent of it will probably be liquified and shipped to Europe where they can sell it at a higher price than they can get for it here.

If this pipeline goes through, do you think Kinder Morgan will have a change of heart and maintain the pipeline? Given their past history, they will take the money and run, leaving us to clean up the mess.

Judy Lorimer


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