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PEPPERELL — Pepperell selectmen voted 3-0 Monday to pass an amendment to the town’s liquor law regulations after three meetings of discussion on the issue.

The change applies to rental functions that are held at private clubs.

The need for the change was suggested by selectmen Chairman Michael Green after an investigation of a possible liquor license last December at the VFW, in which a guest at a rental function stayed afterward to drink at the club without being signed in by a member. The Board of Selectmen found no fault for the VFW at that time due to the unclear regulation.

The original regulation, according to Green, exempts guests at rental functions from abiding by the club regulations. The approved amendment allows attendees of rental functions to to be admitted without a sponsoring member only during the hours of the function.

Police Chief David Scott had suggested an alternative which said that attendees at rental functions should only be allowed to enter the club to make a bar purchase and must immediately return to the private function room.

Green said this language was too restrictive.

“I really feel that although it doesn’t go as far as the chief would like to, and I understand the chief’s feelings, I don’t want to micromanage the clubs in having them to have signouts,” Green said.

“What the chief had suggested is now we are setting the policy of how the guests move around the club and I don’t want to go there,” he added.

The board also voted to appoint Bob Lambert and Peter Nordberg to the Council on Aging. There were four applicants for two open spots. The other applicants were Sandy Dube, who has served two terms on the board, and Christine Budd.

Green said he thought having new faces on the COA would be best for the organization.

Lambert is a volunteer for Pepperell Community Media and Nordberg previously served as the Town Moderator.

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