Kinder Morgan is proposing to build a large, high pressure natural gas pipeline through 45 towns in Massachusetts, including Groton.

More than five month ago, agents of this company entered the town of Groton and began requesting that affected residents sign survey permission forms. They did not disclose the true scope of the pipeline project or that your participation in it might be anything but completely voluntary — since they plan to use eminent domain to take easements from property owners as necessary.

When concerned residents called Groton town officials for an explanation, they were met with silence — the officials had not been informed of any such project. When Kinder Morgan tried this same tactic recently in Andover, they were told to cease-and-desist until such time that Kinder Morgan representatives had presented their plans at a public town meeting.

Why didn’t Kinder Morgan approach each of the 45 impacted Mass. towns and request a meeting with town officials to explain their plans? And then request that these officials set up a public town meeting to include all town residents and the Kinder Morgan representatives as soon as it made sense to do so?

Why didn’t they fully present their plans in an open and timely manner before they started asking for survey permission? Why the secrecy and why the five-month delay?

And why is all of their decision-making done behind closed doors rather than in an open, public forum that includes the many Mass. residents so greatly impacted by their plans?

The answer is simple. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant — and letting sunlight in exposes all the warts and shortcomings of everything that it touches. Kinder Morgan likes the dark. They would very much prefer that the public not know the details of their pipeline plans. They don’t want you questioning the wisdom of their preferred pipeline route and they certainly don’t want you questioning whether we in fact need this huge new pipeline at all.

Kinder Morgan prefers “mushrooms” to informed citizens. Do you remember the old line about how to raise mushrooms — keep them in the dark and feed them bull pucky. Don’t be a mushroom! They prefer that you be uninformed and uninvolved — but please, don’t let that happen. Talk to your friends and neighbors, ask questions and raise concerns — and contact your local, state and federal officials to add your voice to the thousands of others opposing this pipeline.

Visit the Stop The Pipeline website at — and bookmark it for later use. We will attempt to keep you up to date on all pipeline news and events.

Nick Miller,

Stop The Pipeline

Coordinating Committee of Groton

(SPCC Groton)