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(Only students from Nashoba Publishing’s circulation area are included.)


Foreign Language: (George Nieves (Pepperell),

Music: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton).

Physical Education/Health: Santosusso (Townsend).


Merit Achievement Award

Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing: Christopher Schueler (Pepperell).

Banking, Marketing & Retail: Dana Hopf (Shirley).

Carpentry & Cabinetmaking: Zebediah Updyke (Townsend).

Cosmetology: Thandile Jackson (Shirley).

Culinary Arts: Gabrielle Hathaway (Ayer).

Dental Assisting: Kelsie Buckley (Pepperell).

Electronics/Robotics: Shaylene Hegarty (Townsend).

Engineering Technology: George Nieves (Pepperell).

Hotel/Restaurant Management: Dylan Baro (Pepperell).

Plumbing & Heating: Joshua Richard (Ayer).

Technical Proficiency Award

Automotive Technology: Thomas Fitzpatrick (Townsend).

Banking, Marketing & Retail: John Santosuosso (Townsend).

Culinary Arts: Anthony Brann (Pepperell).

Early Childhood Education: Alexandra Oldfield (Shirley).

Electrical Technology: Austin Allen (Ayer).

Engineering Technology: Samuel Anuta (Ayer).

Health Assisting: Kassandra Wetterwald (Shirley).

Plumbing & Heating: Stetson Lacombe (Groton).

TV & Media Production/Theatre Arts: Mikaela Berthiaume (Townsend).


American Citizenship Award: Anthony Brann (Pepperell), Kelsie Buckley (Pepperell), Thandile Jackson (Shirley), Brittany Thomas (Townsend), Kassandra Wetterwald (Shirley).

Community Service Awards: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton), Dana Hopf (Shirley).

Dual Enrollment: Amanda Woods (Townsend).

Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents’ Certificate of Academic Excellence: Amanda Woods (Townsend).

Massachusetts Vocational Association’s Presidential Certificate of Merit: John Santosuosso (Townsend).

Massachusetts Vocational Association’s Vocational Technical Student Achievement Award Nominee: John Santosuosso (Townsend).

National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar: Terri Cadrette (Townsend).

Outstanding Senior Athlete/Scholar: Ben Hoenshell (Groton), Brittany Thomas (Townsend).

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Mikaela Berthiaume (Townsend), Alexander Bross (Pepperell), Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton), Dana Hopf (Shirley), Liam Kilbride (Townsend), Stetson Lacombe (Groton), Mua’au P’au (Shirley), John Santosuosso (Townsend), Amanda Woods (Townsend).

Recognition of students entering military: Christopher Gibbons (Pepperell, Army), Gabrielle Hathaway (Ayer, Army).

Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery: Terri Cadrette (Townsend).

Walter J. Markham Award Nominee: Amanda Woods (Townsend).


Bemis Associates: Dana Hopf (Shirley), Thandile Jackson (Shirley), Kassandra Wetterwald (Shirley).

Dorr: Aaron Hatch (Littleton).

Electrical Apprenticeship Program: Austin Allen (Ayer).

East End Club: Brittany Thomas (Townsend).

Franco American Lucien Menard Memorial: Shaylene Hegarty (Townsend).

Friends of the Cameron Senior Center: Thomas Fitzpatrick (Townsend

Friends of Nashoba: John Santosuosso (Townsend), Brittany Thomas (Townsend).

Groton Women’s Club: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton).

Groton Women’s Club Merit: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton).

John & Abigail Adams MCAS Scholarship: Samuel Anuta (Ayer), Mikaela Berthiaume (Townsend), Alexander Bross (Pepperell), Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton), Terri Cadrette (Townsend), Nicholas Cieslik (Pepperell), Veronique Escabi (Townsend), William Falconer (Pepperell), Dana Hopf (Shirley), Liam Kilbride (Townsend), Stetson Lacombe (Groton), Dominique Manning (Ayer), Morin (Townsend), Sarah Murray (Pepperell), Mua’au P’au (Shirley), Brian Quin (Townsend), John Santosuosso (Townsend), Christopher Schueler (Pepperell), Tyler Talmer (Pepperell), Brittany Thomas (Townsend), Amanda Woods (Townsend).

Kevin McKenzie Scholarship: Anthony Brann (Townsend).

Littleton Scholarship Trust: Aaron Hatch (Littleton).

Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank: Terri Cadrette (Townsend), John Santosuosso (Townsend).

Lowell Women’s City Golf Tournament: Brittany Thomas (Townsend).

Massachusetts State Police Excellence in Vocation: Christopher Schueler (Pepperell).

Massachusetts Vocational Association: John Santosuosso (Townsend).

Michael Lorden II Memorial: Alexander Bross (Pepperell).

Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce: John Santosuosso (Townsend).

New England Plumbing, Gas, Mechanical Inspectors: Alexander Bross (Pepperell).

North Central Massachusetts Chamber Foundation: Amanda Woods (Townsend).

Pepperell Business Association: Anthony Brann (Pepperell), Austin Gath (Pepperell).

Pepperell Garden Club: George Nieves (Pepperell).

Pepperell Lions Club: Kelsie Buckley (Pepperell), Rebecca Maher (Pepperell).

Pepperell Women’s Club: Anthony Brann (Pepperell).

Robert S. Hargraves: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton).

Squannacook River Runners: Mikaela Berthiaume (Townsend), Brittany Thomas (Townsend).

Thomas J. DeVincentis Memorial: Austin Allen (Ayer), Austin Gath (Pepperell), Mua’au P’Au (Shirley), Brittany Thomas (Townsend).

Thomas Lamasurer Memorial: Austin Allen (Ayer).

Town of Groton: Russell Byron-Kelly (Groton).

Westford Regency: Kevin Guimond (Pepperell).

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