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PEPPERELL — A new speciality beverage store has opened its doors in Pepperell.

Pepperell Beverage, located in the Prescott Plaza at 2 Tarbell St., offers craft beers, wines and spirits.

Owner Randy Brubaker said that Pepperell Beverage is not a typical package store, but offers tastings and a beer labeling system so that patrons can try new craft beers and artisan wines without being intimidated.

“You can find something that’s reasonably priced, hard to find, extremely good and could very well be your next favorite beverage,” Brubaker said.

The store held a private grand opening party on June 12, which more than 100 people attended, and opened to the public on July 14.

Brubaker said so far sales have been higher than his projections. He said he doesn’t see the business as competing with other liquor stores in town because of his more unique offerings.

“People really seem to be getting it, that it’s not a package store. I think the beer cave is really driving excitement. There’s nothing like this anywhere in this area,” he said.

The “beer cave” features a selection of craft beers from around the world, organized by region. A large selection of those beers are produced in Massachusetts.

For those who don’t know what type of beer to try, Brubaker offers tastings of different types of beer and wine every day. A labeling system that has similar beers classified with the same color tag allows people to look at the wall of beers and clearly see other options that are similar to their personal favorites.

“The hardest thing about beer is finding the door to get into. This helps people find out what they like,” he said.

Brubaker said that he sees Pepperell Beverage as being more of an experience than just a store.

“People absolutely get the difference of a beverage store versus a package store, and they’re having a lot of fun with impromptu tastings, discussing new stuff and they’re not spending a lot of money,” he said.