FinCom offers help to selectmen in ZBA/Planning Board debacle


AYER — Still facing uncertainty over how to resolve the zero-dollar budgets of the Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals, the Finance Committee reviewed the details of the issue at their brief meeting on Wednesday night.

Chair Scott Houde explained that the administrative position for both boards is split, with 15 hours for Planning Board work and 15 hours for the ZBA.

Houde also highlighted the fact that the lack of quorum on the ZBA means projects brought before the board could receive automatic approval if not acted on within a period of time.

“So the question is, since we do in a way represent town meeting, do we want to get involve din this discussion or do we want to wait and see how things fall out?” he asked the committee.

Member John Kilcommins said the FinCom could offer its services to the Board of Selectmen, if they need their input.

“We’re here to look out for the best interest of the taxpayers,” he said. “I just don’t know what the best interest is in this case.”

Kilcommins suggested sending a note to selectmen, the Planning Board chair and the town administrator asking them to let the Finance Committee know if they need help.

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