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Pepperell to be featured in Bunker Hill Day ceremony


PEPPERELL — Pepperell’s original hometown hero is being honored in Charlestown this month.

At the annual Bunker Hill Day in Boston on June 17, Col. William Prescott, a Pepperell resident famous for uttering the phrase, “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes,” during the Battle of Bunker Hill, will be the focus of the ceremony, with representatives from the Pepperell Historical Commission speaking about Prescott’s life and impact.

Diane Cronin of the Historical Commission said the opportunity is very rare; the last time Prescott was honored on Bunker Hill Day was 40 years ago.

“I think that the town has been very patriotic from our inception and I think that this is a way to show our patirotism at an event like this to the public, as well as the pride that we have in our town for Col. Prescott and what he did and its significance in the battle. We get to speak up and tell a bit of our story and share in the pride that everyone present is going to have,” Cronin said.

Pepperell residents Franek Kiluk and Tony Saboliauskas will speak during the ceremony about Prescott’s life and how his actions impacted the Revolutionary War.

The town’s Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts will also be involved, with a representative from each group placing wreaths during the ceremony to honor the eight Pepperell residents who died during the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Pepperell representatives will also walk in a parade in Charlestown on June 15.

After the ceremony, the Historical Commission will be giving a presentation on Prescott at the Bunker Hill Monument Association meeting and taking a tour of the U.S.S. Constitution Museum.

Cronin encouraged residents to come watch the ceremony and show their pride for Pepperell’s contributions to the battle.

“It’s something that we can share with the larger community, the pride that we have in Col. Prescott,” Cronin said.

“It’s an honor for them to ask us to be part and create part of the program,” she added.

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