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Sweet reward

PEPPERELL — Sara Woods is a pro when it comes to cookies.

The 13-year-old Pepperell resident sold a whopping 2,016 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year, topping her troop in sales.

In her eighth year as a Girl Scout, and her first with Troop #66530 in Groton, Woods brought in one of her largest hauls ever, but said the selling was hardly a chore.

“I just like the business experience. I like getting work done and setting large goals. This is actually my first year with this troop and I wanted to kind of show what I can bring to the troop, and show that I could do something for them,” Woods said.

From January through March, Woods braved freezing temperatures to work at every booth her troop set up, as well as selling door-to-door a few nights a week. Woods thanked her mother, Susan Fry, for going to every Girl Scout booth with her.

Additionally, she set up a Facebook page that connected her with friends and family who also bought cookies.

But her favorite selling place was at the Burlington Mall for a simple reason.

“It was heated. I was so used to standing out in the cold with several layers on. It was nice to just be inside,” Woods said.

Although Thin Mints were the most popular type of cookie, she said her personal favorite were Tagalongs.

In addition to a portion of the proceeds from her sales going back to the troop, her work selling the cookies earned her “cookie credits,” which are being used to pay for the registration cost of going to Girl Scout camp this summer.

She said she’s looking forward to the camp, which she attends every year.

“I really love being outdoors and doing adventurous stuff like rock climbing and camping, and there’s that sisterly aspect because we’re all Girl Scouts and we bond a lot and there’s team-building and being able to work in groups,” she said.

While Woods said she enjoys selling cookies, she especially loves the friendships she has made through Girl Scouts.

“One of our mottos is to be a sister to every Girl Scout, and when you’re in the troop the girls do become like your sisters and best friends. You get to do awesome activities with them while learning skills for life,” Woods said.

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