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In the blink of an eye a month has passed since the residents of Ayer elected me as their Town Clerk and Tax Collector. I started immediately and hit the ground running with getting to know the office layout and daily work load. I’m delighted to work with friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable people in the office of Town Clerk and Tax Collector, Town Hall and town of Ayer.

I’ve appreciated the support and well wishes from residents the moment I pulled papers and still continue to receive in my new position. It was amazing to have people coming to my door to offer a word of encouragement or assistance in my new endeavor.

I am grateful for my husband Scott for believing in me, our children Austin, Jillian, and Keith for excusing my absence from dinner on occasion, our parents, siblings and friends, current and former coworkers who supported me in all aspects of the election process.

I would especially like to thank my colleagues in the town of Harvard who played a huge role in my taking this big step forward. The training, guidance, and friendship I gained while working in Harvard has truly prepared me to take on this responsibility with grace and confidence.

Thank you again for putting your trust in me towards maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of both offices and providing these important services to the residents of Ayer.

Susan Curtin Copeland

Ayer Town Clerk and Tax Collector

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