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The May 16 edition of (another local weekly newspaper) published a front-page headline designed to disguise opinion as fact while using an individual’s credentials for the purpose of creating even more deception. It is as blatant a piece of hack journalism as this writer has ever seen. The use of the word “explains” implies truth, but that was nowhere to be found in this one-sided, opinionated news story. It is irresponsible journalism at its worst.

This writer together with a colleague, Art Prest, (presented the newspaper with) complete background on the proposed treatment at Baddacook Pond. We presented copies of the scientific data on the efficacy of using Sonar as well as the scientific studies, revealing that no toxic byproduct has ever been produced except under laboratory conditions. This toxin has never been found under natural conditions in the 28 years of field study.

(We were told) the information was too technical for Groton’s readers, yet (the paper) tried to foist a local chemistry doctorate as an expert on Sonar, groundwater movement and hydrogeology.

Freedom of the press is one of the key components to a free and democratic society. History has taught us what happens when the press loses its ability to present the news in a fair and balanced manner. The headline is not factual and there is no place in a free press for dishonesty. Editorials express opinions. The news should always be truthful, accurate and present both sides of an issue.

Why would anyone subscribe to a newspaper that continues to misinform its readers?


Alexander Woodle


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