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The voters of Ayer have several candidates to choose from in the upcoming Board of Selectman election. In my opinion, there is none more deserving than Christopher Hillman. The impact that Chris has had on the board truly highlights his competencies.

Chris is an individual who is a strategic thinker. He is passionate about continuing the forward momentum our town is seeing. He is not afraid to ask difficult questions, and more importantly, always acts in the best interest of the town and its citizens. He is a leader at the table and others frequently reference his ideas. As a businessperson himself, Chris has a deep understand of the “business of town government.” His thoughts and actions greatly contribute to the board being able to deliver results that benefit the entire town.

The rotary clean-up project serves to highlight his dedication and service. Once an eyesore, it is now a joy to see what he has been able to accomplish. This project not only gave Ayer a well-deserved entryway to our downtown, but also brings together many residents every Christmas to begin the holiday season. Chris continues to drive efforts to make the town more financially efficient, a testament to his fiscal responsibility. The conversations he stimulates are used as jump off points for most others on the board. The town saved immensely on our new street signs because of him, and he leads the investigation of even greater savings through curbside trash and recycling pick up. If it is not in the best interest of the town and its citizens, Chris will not support it.

Chris is an individual that has great pride in our town. He speaks up for what is right and fails give in until all the information has been reviewed. His unique background and experiences are essential to our continued success as a town. If you value an individual with these qualities, you must cast your vote for Christopher Hillman on April 28 for Selectman.

Paul Magno