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TOWNSEND — With the ballot finalized, there are still several open positions in Townsend and Pepperell with no one running for them.

The positions, which can still be filled by a write-in candidate the day of the election, include slots in Townsend on the Board of Assessors, Planning Board, Recreation Commission, Townsend Housing Authority, Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorial and Trust Fund Commissioners, as well as the North Middlesex Regional School Committee, which serves both towns.

In Pepperell, the only opening with no candidates running is on the Planning Board.

The Board of Assessors position in Townsend is a three-year commitment. Assessors are responsible for assessing property values and reviewing applications for abatement.

The three-year term on the Planning Board, which makes decisions on zoning and reviews special permit applications, can now only be filled by a write-in candidate. The four- and five-year terms both have a candidate running.

Although there are two openings on the Recreation Commission, only one candidate is running. Whoever fills the Recreation Commission slots would make decisions on the recreation programs administered by the town.

A three-year term on the Housing Authority, which studies housing needs in town and works to provide affordable housing, also has no takers. There are two openings on the Trust Fund Commission, which have no candidates, for a two- and three-year term. The commissioners oversee the town’s trust funds that are not controlled by selectmen.

The Townsend Trustees of Soldiers Memorials is seeking a nonveteran to fill an open slot. The Trustees are responsible for the maintenance of memorials across town that honor Townsend servicemen who were killed in World War I and World War II.

In Pepperell, the only vacant spot is a five-year term on the Planning Board. Current member Richard McHugh is not seeking reelection.

Although there are two candidates already running for the School Committee, one from Pepperell and one from Townsend, there is still one slot open that could be filled by write-in. Members voted onto the School Committee are charged with making decisions affecting policy and budgets for the school district. Voters may vote for all School Committee candidates, not just the ones from their town.