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Groton Boy Scouts take ‘very serious white water’

Groton Boy Scouts take ‘very serious white water’

GROTON — Boy Scouts from Groton Troop 1 enjoyed a beautiful spring weekend outdoors in western Massachusetts on April 11-13.

Starting Friday after school, the boys organized their gear at Squanacook Hall before making the two-hour trip up Route 2. Arriving after dark, the troop set up camp along the river’s edge and enjoyed a clear night under the stars with the sound of water rushing by their tents.

After preparing a hearty breakfast, the boys and leaders completed very thorough skills and safety training at a high adventure center with their river guides. Donning wetsuits, helmets and life vests, each boat’s crew received instruction on the proper use of gear and techniques for maneuvering rafts through the rushing water.

The troop’s five boats were launched and the crews practiced on some mild Class II rapids. But recent runoff from the spring thaw created big Class III and IV rapids downstream, and Scouts were quickly treated to some very serious white water! A few brave boys ventured to take a quick swim at the end of the trip — and were reminded that the water is still very cold.

After a full day of rafting, the boys made their way back to camp for dinner and a warm campfire. It’s not a Boy Scout camping trip without a little rain, and Mother Nature reliably delivered with a quick shower as the troop broke camp on Sunday morning. The Scouts arrived back to Groton a few hours later. The boys are already making plans for their next adventure — camping on Lovell’s Island in Boston Harbor in mid-May.

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