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TOWNSEND — The Town Clerk position is up for grabs in Townsend and two residents are vying for the spot.

Finance Committee Chairwoman Nancy Rapoza and Assistant Town Clerk Kathy Spofford both claim that their experience makes them the right candidate for the job. The winner of the election will replace outgoing Town Clerk Sue Funaiole.

Rapoza has been on the Finance Committee for the last three years, with the last year spent as chairwoman. She also volunteered with the Cub Scouts and coached soccer in town.

Her experience on the Finance Committee, along with years of work experience in human resources, would make her a valuable addition to town hall, she said.

“I’ve researched what the role is about and I have no hesitation in jumping into it. I think I could make a positive impact on it and bring some new ideas,” Rapoza said.

If elected, she said creating a positive workplace would be one of her top priorities.

“It’s just having a positive environment, working collaboratively together with people even if you don’t necessarily agree with them, reaching out to other departments and committees to move the town forward.

Another priority, she said would be maintaining customer service and communication with residents.

“Whether it’s people coming in requesting something or asking a question or working with the other departments and committees to make sure everybody’s working together, making sure the website’s up to date with agendas, committee minutes so people have access to that,” Rapoza said, listing some of her ideas for how to maintain customer service.

As a nearly lifelong Townsend resident, Rapoza said she loves the town and hopes to continue to serve it.

“I enjoy the people, I enjoy living here, I think it’s a great town,” Rapoza said. “I just really would love to be able to be involved, to do whatever I can to represent the people of Townsend and to interact with them in a positive and professional way,” she said.

Spofford has lived in town for 37 years. In 2004, she began working as an administrative assistant in the Board of Health office for three and a half years, and then moved into the assistant town clerk job in 2007.

As the assistant town clerk, Spofford said her experience working in the office and learning directly from Funaiole makes her qualified to take over.

“Sue (Funaiole) has kept me up to date on everything. Whenever anything new comes through she keeps me informed,” Spofford said.

The only thing she hasn’t done in the clerk’s office, she said, is the budget, but she has done similar work while working for the Board of Health.

Spofford said she loves working in the clerk’s office, and hopes to continue to do so.

“I really like the office, I like the coming and going of the people. It’s kind of a happy office. And dealing with all the vital records, I just love that,” Spofford said.

As town clerk, Spofford said she would be a good first point of contact for many residents and potential residents, and because of her town hall experience she said she knows where to direct people who come in for various needs.

She said she wants to continue the town clerk’s office as being many people’s first stop in town hall.

“I always think of the town clerk’s office as the heart of town hall, because I think people are comfortable coming in to see us,” she said.

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