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Races for selectmen, tax collector and town clerk will land on ballot


AYER — All four of the current selectmen — Pauline Conley, Jannice Livingston, Christopher Hillman and Gary Luca — are seeking re-election, along with former Finance Committee member Michael George Pattenden.

This year, the board will reduce in size from five to three, a move voters approved.

To transition into the new policy, the selectman candidate with the highest number of votes will serve the three-year term. Those with the second- and third-highest numbers will receive a term of two years and one year, respectively.

Current Tax Collector and Town Clerk John Canney is running to keep his two positions with competition from Susan Copeland, the current assistant collector/treasurer and clerk for Harvard. An Ayer native, Copeland said she has been working with the town for almost two years.

The other 10 positions hold no competition. Richard Skoczylas is the sole candidate for constable, while Pamela Papineau is seeking to stay on the Board of Health.

Library Trustee Louise Bresnahan is the only candidate looking to stay on the trustee board. Michele Granger, currently on the Ayer Shirley Regional School Committee, is up for another three-year term.

Trust Fund Commissioner Francis Callahan is seeking re-election to his position, while Edward Cornellier is running for re-election as assessor.

Tree Warden Mark Dixon is seeking re-election.

Two candidates are up for the two open spots for park commissioner, with Daniel Graham, current vice-chair for the board of commissioners, and Richard Durand running.

All positions are set at three-year terms except for the two open spots on the Planning Board, which each carry a five-year and two-year term. Kyle Gordon is the only candidate for the board. He was appointed last year to fill a vacancy and pulled papers for the two-year position, according to the clerk’s office. The other position could be filled by write-in votes at the election.

Pending approval by the Board of Registrars, all of these names will appear on the ballot for the April 28 election.

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