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Yes, the snow is finally here … and the daily routine of a letter carrier puts them on the front line whenever harsh weather strikes.

Your letter carrier can be the first to visit a home before snow removal or salting begins. And they may use stairways, porches or walkways that a family does not frequent during the winter months. That’s why the Postal Service reminds Ayer residents not to overlook regular upkeep of residential mailboxes as part of any snow and ice removal routine.

Here are a few tips for use with your mailbox that never go out of season. . .

* Remove obstructions around a mailbox. If you have a mailbox at the road, keep it clear of packed snow. Clearing the mailbox allows letter carriers to deliver mail safely and without delay.

* Painted porches and steps are particularly hazardous. Salting an area or using rubber-backed mats may help make them less slippery.

* A mailbox should display the street name and house number on the side of a single mailbox or on the doors of grouped mailboxes visible to the approaching carrier. Add a reflector and house numbers for visibility by your letter carrier, plows, emergency vehicles and others.

* Watch for letter carriers on foot and slow-moving postal vehicles.

* Leave a light on to help illuminate potential hazards on the way to your mailbox.

Help us so we can provide you with the service that you deserve. Make regular upkeep of residential mailboxes a part of your snow and ice removal routine.


Postmaster, Ayer

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