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SHIRLEY — Selectmen at their meeting Oct. 22 appointed Ann Brady to the Conservation Commission for a three-year term, bringing the membership roster to six.

Brady sent a letter of interest to the board earlier in October, along with her professional resume. She also attended the meeting, but the selectmen had no questions. The two documents she’d submitted, plus a recommendation from the commission to appoint her, were clearly considered sufficient to establish her qualifications and interest in serving.

Currently employed as a platform architect at a high-tech company, Brady’s two-page resume lists experience as a software engineer, senior tech lead, software architect, test automation engineer and senior software engineer at a number of firms.

“I have been aware of environmental issues for most of my life,” Brady said in the letter, citing her mother, an “ecologically-friendly landscape garden designer,” as her inspiration.

“She taught me respect for the earth,” Brady wrote, adding that she’d also learned from her mother about “the challenges landowners face” regarding compliance with conservation regulations and bylaws.

“I plan to help residents find solutions that meet their desires for land use” within those boundaries, she said.

Brady holds a B.A. with a concentration in Environmental Studies and explored topics such as “urban forestry” and “GIS, cartography and remote sensing” via two independent studies while pursuing her undergraduate degree.

In her letter, Brady noted that mapping technologies, signage and education, physical inspection and restoration are all part of a successful public conservation program.

She also has a “personal interest” in maintaining and restoring the Holden Road Conservation Area near her home, Brady said.

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