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‘7 Steps to becoming a better investor’ written by Groton man


I am no fan of the financial media. Most of the information they provide is of little or no value to the average investor.

Contrary to what they would like us to believe, successful investing isn’t about chasing after “Top 10 lists” of “hot stocks and mutual fund recommendations” or relying on the stock market predictions of the investment gurus on CNBC. Making investment decisions based on this constantly changing, conflicting and misleading information is a recipe for financial disaster, not financial security.

During my 18 years as a financial adviser, I have seen too many investors get into trouble by making investment decisions based on the information they receive from the financial media. I decided that I could help investors greatly improve the likelihood of achieving their financial goals by writing “7 Steps to Becoming a Better Investor.”

Written in plain language, this easy-to-read book provides, sound financial advice and investment concepts for all levels of investors.

Topics covered include:

* Calculating how much money one will need to retire

* How to achieve higher returns with less risk

* How to determine one’s risk tolerance level

* Why index funds outperform most actively managed mutual funds

* Why investing in individual stocks is a fool’s game

* Determining how much one will need to save for retirement

* Why every investor should have bonds in their portfolio

* The importance of asset allocation

* How to tell if a financial adviser is acting in one’s best interest

Martin Krikorian is the founder, owner and manager of Capital Weatlh Management. Martin previously worked as a financial consultant for Hanscom Federal Credit Union; Putnam Investments, Scudder Stevens and Clark; and Mercury Wealth Management.

Martin lives in Grotonwith his wife Hellen, their son Matthew, and their two dogs, Buddy and Buster.

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