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DEVENS — The Devens Enterprise Commission held two public hearings, one allowing construction of stormwater improvements and another continued to the next meeting.

MassDevelopment engineering manager John Marc-Aurele presented the agency’s intent to construct a stormwater retention pond in an area around Hornet Field.

“The area is located just west of Rogers Field,” Marc-Aurele said. “We first looked at this area back in 2002 as part of our stormwater master plan, knowing that at some point we would get into development of this area.

“Zoning,” he said, “called for smaller lots, so we wanted to look at this area to see what we could do for a pond retention area. Geosyntec was hired and they looked at soil conditions. They recommended a stormwater pond … to handle this development.”

DEC Director Peter Lowitt and environmental planner Neil Angus gave their recommendations.

“We feel that MassDevelopment has put together a proper application and … this plan is in condition for approval this evening. MassDevelopment has requested that we take action on it tonight,” Lowitt said.

“The applicant has designed the plan to meet our stormwater management requirements and the DEP stormwater management requirements for two of the lots, but two of the lots do not currently meet those requirements. If it is approved, we suggest that a condition be added to the approval that if those lots are developed they be brought up to standards,” Angus said. The two that are not up to standards are in locations unlikely to be developed due to wetlands.

The DEC approved the plans to construct a stormwater retention pond in the Hornet Field area.

Asked about the Hornet Field area later, Lowitt explained, “This is an area currently used as a recreation area. The proposal is to prepare the area west of Sherman Avenue for development by creating a stormwater management facility to service the development area. MassDevelopment plans to create five lots along Sherman Avenue, two of them contain existing structures which are vacant and the other three are potential development lots.”

A second public hearing discussing a buildout plan for Bristol-Myers Squibb carried over into the next scheduled meeting.

The company filed an application to construct a new 231,000-square-foot biologics development building and a 118,500-square-foot clinical manufacturing building and associated site improvements on about 11 acres within their existing 89-acre campus. The permit components include site plan, wetland notice of intent, and an amendment to their existing license for the storage of flammables and combustibles to accommodate two additional 3,000-gallon diesel fuel tanks associated with two new emergency generators.

“We currently have 350 employees, six buildings and about 400,000 square feet, so we’re bringing forth to you considerations for two more buildings,” David Wilson of BMS said.

The proposed site plan for the biologics development building includes four stories. The clinical manufacturing building includes two stories and 131,500 gross square feet. Other components of the site are 301 new parking spaces, pedestrian walkways and connections, service driveway for loading docks and trash handling, easy access for emergency vehicles and underground utilities.

As DEC began to discuss the plans, members identified points that will need to be discussed at a later time, including noise requirements. The plan also called for additional emergency generators to be included in the building plans and DEC was concerned that they may not meet noise requirements.

“The applicant has requested a partial waiver to allow roof runoff from the CMB building to go into the water retention pond,” Lowitt said. “They have incorporated a number of low impact stormwater management requirements to meet our water quality regulations and they will need to do an irrigation plan … but stormwater seems to be well handled in this plan.”

“We know this is a big project, and there’s going to be a lot of construction vehicles on the site,” he said. “We’ve identified some potential issues that need to be addressed, mainly along the lines of landscaping and tree protection, all issues we feel we can overcome through coordination and communication between the parties.”

The public hearing for the Bristol-Myers Squibb building project will continue at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 33 Andrews Parkway.

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