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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Two motor vehicle accidents occurred on Friday, Oct. 11, one of which was a single-vehicle accident on Main Street near Fidelity Bank resulting in property damage. Reported at 5:47 p.m., the mishap occurred when the driver apparently miscalculated her turn radius as she entered the bank parking lot, striking a cable box on the property. The vehicle was not significantly damaged and the woman was not injured. She was not cited.

One of the drivers in a two-car collision that occurred at the intersection of Townsend and Groton roads earlier in the day was cited for failure to yield right of way, while the other was transported to Nashoba Valley Medical Center. Both vehicles were towed.

According to the crash report, vehicle 1, operated by a Leominster woman, was traveling west on Groton Road when her vehicle was struck by another vehicle, traveling north on Townsend Road. The operator of vehicle 2 was a woman from Harvard, who was cited.

Flashing lights and stop signs mark the four-way intersection, which has been the site of several motor vehicle crashes over the years. The law requires that motorists come to a complete stop and proceed with caution for a flashing red light, yielding immediately to vehicles that have already entered the intersection.

In this instance, the driver of vehicle 2 told police she had stopped at the light before moving forward but apparently didn’t see the other vehicle crossing the intersection.

— M.E. Jones

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