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SHIRLEY — Selectmen on Monday tentatively agreed to approve a lease agreement for the town-owned War Memorial Building as presented by the WMB Trustees, with input from the tenant, American Legion Post No. 183.

But they held off signing it until next week, pending Town Counsel Gary Brackett’s answers to questions posed by the trustees and the Legion.

Selectmen Chairwoman Kendra Dumont said that after attending the trustees meeting at which the agreement was drafted, with a Legion Executive Board representative present, selectmen were satisfied with the document the landlord and tenant had hammered out.

Representing the trustees, Theresa Richards said there were a few questions — mostly language clarifications — that trustees would like to have town counsel answer. But they were willing to sign on, contingent upon counsel’s review.

The Legion Executive Board submitted its own list, with a few “items of substance” on it, board member Charles Church said.

“We can’t vote on the lease” until a major sticking point is settled, Post Cmdr. Lewis Criess said. “We’ve never seen a lease where the (tenant) is responsible for normal, fair wear and tear,” as stipulated in this lease, he said.

But Richards said that to the trustees, it simply means the tenant agrees to maintain the building while occupying it, with the landlord taking on that responsibility after it’s vacated.

Town Administrator Patrice Garvin advised waiting.

“I’m hearing discrepancies,” she said. “I would prefer to clean it up” for the board to approve at next week’s meeting.

Selectman David Swain agreed.

“We need to forward (these) questions to town counsel,” he said. “I don’t think we can sign the lease until we’re all on the same page.”

Albert said the Legion was set to vote on the lease on Nov. 5. Garvin said it would “absolutely” be ready by then.

In other business, selectmen approved the winter-parking ban requested by Department of Public Works foreman Paul Farrar, giving the DPW a green light to have cars towed that are parked on a public way or on the street during snowstorms.

When the parking ban begins next month, police will take notice, Dumont said.

The parking ban will be in effect from Nov. 15 through April 15. It prohibits the parking of motor vehicles on streets or sidewalks anywhere in town overnight or during snowstorms.

The purpose of the parking ban is to assist the DPW with snow- and ice-removal operations.

The Police Department has been charged with enforcing the ban.

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