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Occupation: Marketing Database Strategist

Why do you come to the Library? I love the librarians and their expertise and dedication to library patrons; the fantastic services provided by the Library — books, music, ebooks, databases, art receptions, community activities, etc.; and the community members who also geek the library.

What do you geek? Learning

Lawrence Library geeks learning, too! In fact, we are proponents of lifelong learning; we believe that people should continue to learn and grow throughout their entire lives. In fact, librarians are often the best place to start when you want to learn about something new; we are trained to help you research and locate materials that are relevant to your interests. Most librarians love a challenge, too; let us help you find what you’re looking for! We are also happy to help you learn basic computer use, how to use your ereader or find the perfect recipe for apple pie.

The library also offers programs for all age groups, from baby storytime on Friday mornings to adult book clubs and art receptions. We offer programs for a wide variety of interests, too; you can join us to learn how to apply your own zombie makeup at our Zombie Day on Nov. 2, or get tips about improving your writing at our new Pepperell League of Extraordinary Writers writing group, which will have its first meeting on Nov. 7.

The library also has books and DVDs on a wide variety of topics. Would you like to read about ancient Rome or have Julia Child help you bone a duck? We can help with that! We also have audio books to borrow, which can help you learn a language while commuting to work. There are also several topics in the Modern Scholar series, each of which includes a series of recorded lectures and a book; with these, you can learn anything from philosophy to American democracy without having to enroll in a class!

From the Library website, you can access a variety of databases, where you can read about anything from literary criticism to women’s history. You can also reserve museum passes, which allow you to get free or discounted admission to many local area museums and attractions.

The Library can help everyone explore the things they geek. For information, or if you are interested in being the Geek of the Week, stop by Lawrence Library.

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