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GROTON — Field trips were on the Oct. 23 agenda of the Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee.

The committee approved a number of field trips including one for eighth-graders going to Washington, D.C. next spring.

Committee members had postponed a vote on the trip due to questions of its starting on the final day of the Jewish observation of Passover.

Wondering if anything could be done to accommodate any Jewish students who might want to make the trip, the School Committee discussed alternatives before voting to approve the trip and keep the April 22-26 dates.

Deciding the issue was based on the fact that Passover would end at sundown on April 22 and assurance by trip planners that special meal accommodations could be made for students during the trip down.

Other field trips approved included those for the ice hockey team and boys’ varsity basketball team to Cape Cod, and the girls’ varsity basketball team to Connecticut.


The committee met with Chris Scott, executive director of the Merrimack Special Education Collaborative (MSEC), to vote whether to rejoin the collaborative’s board.

Like other members, Groton-Dunstable removed itself from the group after the discovery of financial abuses by MSEC’s former administration. Since then, Scott was appointed as the collaborative’s new executive director and immediately made changes in the organization including those covering fiscal issues, transportation and curriculum.

That done, she began making the rounds inviting former board members to rejoin with Groton-Dunstable’s vote to do so being the latest. So far, most of the former board members have agreed to return.


Members also discussed their goals for the coming year including finding a permanent superintendent, work on various collective bargaining agreements with unions, continue efforts at professional development among themselves, provide support to the district’s staff and faculty and continue to refine and develop the budget formulation process.

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