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AYER — Information Technology director Cindy Knox brought to selectmen last week a policy that “is to facilitate and ensure that all town departments are acquiring, purchasing, procuring, operating and disposing of all information technology software in a legal, efficient, secure, eco-friendly and financially responsible manner with the goal of maximizing the taxpayers’ funding of all town information technology.”

This policy will organize the use of IT equipment assigned to employees who will be responsible for its upkeep, use, safekeeping and return.

The board approved it, effective Oct. 15.

Wiring Inspector

Building Commissioner Gabe Vellante brought Alan Parker before selectmen for appointment to the vacant wiring inspector position. Parker is a licensed electrician of 34 years.

“Alan has been working as the assistant inspector for the last two years and I felt it would be appropriate to promote him to wiring inspector,” Vellante said.

The BOS approved his appointment.

DPW contracts

BOS Chairwoman Pauline Conley signed a light improvements contract with Blais Electric for the Main Street lights in the amount of $44,440.

A request for a sewer-bill abatement for Epic Enterprises was addressed as they noticed an error in their bill and the way their meter was measuring flow.

“There was a problem in the meter wiring that was causing the meter to read higher than actual flow,” Wetzel said.

Epic Enterprises was charged $50,451.86, and requested abatement for $34,000. The BOS abated the bill by $16,451.86.

Wetzel also brought a request to extend an agreement for wastewater biosolids disposal in upper Blackstone Valley Water Pollution Control District. The agreement expired in June 2013.

The town has disposed of its waste at this location since January 2013 after the former disposal site in Fitchburg stopped taking sludge.

“I’ve checked and the rates for the existing contract are the same as the new agreement,” Wetzel said as the BOS approved the one-year extension to the contract.

Eagle Scout recognized

As fewer than 2 percent of Boy Scouts achieve Eagle Scout rank, Joshua Richard will be honored for the achievement Oct. 26. The Board of Selectmen recognized Richard for his work at the Ayer Sportsmen’s Club.

As a project, Richard worked on various aspects of the Ayer Rod and Gun Club’s parking lot.

The certificate from the Board of Selectmen reads: “The Ayer Board of Selectmen, on behalf of the town of Ayer, wishes to recognize and thank you for your contribution to the Ayer Sportsmen’s Club on Snake Hill Road’s facility by the cleaning, marking out, restriping, new marking of handicap and regular parking spaces at the club’s parking lot. Your effort generates a more efficient atmosphere not only for the members and guests but the community as well. The Board of Selectmen congratulates and applauds you for electing to perform your project for the betterment of your community.”

The next regular Board of Selectmen meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 12, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall. A Special Town Meeting will be held prior, on Monday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

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