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By Katina Caraganis


SHIRLEY — Joyce Prescott has worked in a variety of professions in her life, including running a daycare center and doing all of the books for her husband’s trucking company. But none has been more fulfilling than her blossoming art career.

“I started out with painting and then I started doing watercolors with a woman in Lunenburg, and my passion for this just took off from there,” she said on a recent Saturday morning. “As I continued exploring different areas, photography really became my passion. I love going out and taking pictures to turn into art later.”

All of her artwork centers around landscapes in and around New England, she said. She and her husband travel to New Hampshire often, and she usually derives inspiration from what she sees there.

“I take nature shots, landscapes, stuff like that, and then I print them and make other pieces of artwork from them,” she said. “It was something that started out as a hobby but is quickly turning into a career for me.”

That career got a major boost this past week, when she showcased about 30 pieces at a show at the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley. Of those 30 pieces, she sold about six.

The show will remain up through the end of September, she said, and there is information at the restaurant on how to contact her if someone is interested in a piece.

She has shown some of her other work in other places, including shows at the Leominster Art Association, but had never been the principal artist at her own show until recently.

She said she happened to be at the restaurant one night and heard about the new art shows they were looking to get off the ground, and the owners were interested in showcasing her work.

She hopes this experience will give her the opportunity to show more of her work at other shows.

“I probably will begin expanding very soon,” she said. “I’d like to display my work more and get it out there. My next step is to get my website up and running, which will definitely get my work out there.”

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