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SHIRLEY — Daniel Henderson of Boy Scout Troop 7 is working toward becoming an Eagle Scout, the top title in scouting.

Monday night, he presented his Eagle project proposal to the selectmen.

Henderson aims to install a new electrical outlet box and underground cable at Whitely Park. This second box will facilitate plug-in tree-lighting on the street side of the park, where there’s no outlet now, necessitating the use of extension cords that could be a safety hazard.

A licensed electrician — Randy Graves — has agreed to do the electrical work, he said.

The new box will look like the existing box, Henderson added, and will be located behind a bush for camouflage.

The seven-page project proposal shows each step of the plan, start to finish, with photos. A list of materials and supplies includes PVC pipe, wire, tarps, pressure-treated wood post, digging tools, white spray paint and string to mark the dig line, sand and buckets to carry it and grass seed to reseed the trench for the cable. The list even includes tools the electrician will bring and snacks, lunch and drinks for the volunteer helpers.

Henderson’s father, Dave, said Dig Safe would be notified after the white line was painted on the grass, showing where the trench would be dug and thus ensuring that no utility or telephone lines would be accidentally cut.

The picture-centric document made it easy for the selectmen to see the project, in detail.

For example, one photo shows the standing electrical panel housing the existing outlet, to which the electrician will add a new circuit.

Selectman Robert Prescott asked Henderson how he plans to dig the trench for the underground cable, shown in a photo diagram as 96 feet long and 18 inches deep.

“Sheer manpower,” Henderson replied, scouts and volunteers with picks and shovels.

“That’s a lot of hard work,” Prescott commented.

Selectman David Swain, who has been active in Scouting for years and whose son is an Eagle Scout, noted that Henderson’s project represents another cost-free benefit provided by local Scouts. One group built bridges over town brooks and another is building a picnic table for the school, he said, citing a couple of initiatives among many.

Henderson should be “commended” for his plan, Swain said.

Chairwoman Kendra Dumont recalled an Eagle Scout effort in which new grommets were installed in sidewalks to hold flagpoles. She said Henderson gave a thorough presentation and that his project, too, would be a big help to the town. “It’s a well-laid-out plan,” she said.

Energy Committee member Frank Esielionis pointed out that the new box should be locked, as the current one is, with keys kept in the selectmen’s office.

The board agreed that was a given.

Thanking Henderson, the selectmen voted to approve his project.

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