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A.M. 8:24, bear complaint, Paquawket Path; 8:38, welfare check, Brown Load Road; 9:40, burning complaint, West Main Street; 10:59, missing animal, Rail Trail at Smith Street; 11:37, motor-vehicle stop, Townsend Road at St. James Ave.; 11:47, safety hazard, Lost Lake Drive; 11:57, suspicious activity, Whitewood Road.

P.M. 12:31, missing person, Sheple Lane; 12:46, safety hazard, Chicopee Row at Raddin Road; 1:59, vehicle lockout, Main Street; 2:09, burglar alarm, Fairway Drive; 2:46, burglar alarm, Painted Post Road; 3:52, motor-vehicle stop, Longley Road at Paquawket Path; 4:07, motor-vehicle stop, Hollis Street; 4:10, motor-vehicle stop, Old Ayer Road; 4:33, soliciting, Townline Road; 5:05, sudden death, Paquawket Path; 6:38, missing animal, hemlock Road; 7:01, fire alarm, Whiley road; 7:08, power outage; 9:19, suspicious activity, Lowell Road; 9:49, medical emergency, Blossom Lane; 10:21, vandalism, Wyman road; 11:14, domestic, Fairview Ave.; 11:25, fire alarm, Powderhouse Road.


A.M. :08, motor-vehicle stop, Main at School streets; :41, motor-vehicle stop, Boston Road; 2:08, burglar alarm, Sunset Road; 7:42, burglar alarm, Town Forest Road; 9:49, burglar alarm, Fairway Drive; 10:00, burning complaint, West Main Street; 10:42, assist other police agency, Powderhouse Road; 10:44, burglar alarm, Longley Road.

P.M. 12:14, fire/smoke reported, Long Hill Road; 1:15, lost/found property, Rail Trail at Broadmeadow Road; 1:39, suspicious activity, Main Street; 2:06, bear complaint, Nate Nutting Road; 4:38, lost/found property, Hill Road; 5:57, lost/found property, Hill Road; 9:14, motor-vehicle stop, Whiley Road; 9:41, dog complaint, Whiley Road; 10:43, dog complaint, Whiley Road.


A.M. 5:48, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street; 8:42, burglar alarm, Fairway Drive; 9:25, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street at Powderhouse Road; 9:51, motor-vehicle stop, Chicopee Row; 11:08, welfare check, Gilson Road; 11:50, medical emergency, Boston Road.

P.M. 12:34, annoying phone calls, Whiley Road; 2:06, vehicle lockout, West Main Street; 2:29, serve restraining order, Fairview Ave.; 4:30, larceny, Hemlock Road; 4:53, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street; 5:04, motor-vehicle stop, West Main Street; 6:07, motor-vehicle stop, West Main Street at Town Forest Road; 6:53, suspicious activity, Townsend Road at Fieldstone Drive; 8:39, motor-vehicle stop, Townsend Road at Britt Lane; 8:52, medical emergency, Main Street; 9:50, serve summons, Indian Hill Road.


A.M. 10:08, motor-vehicle stop, Hollis Street at Longley Road; 11:07, burglar alarm, Sunset Road; 11:45, burglar alarm, Fairway Drive.

P.M. 12:27, dog complaint, Nashua Road; 3:30, animal complaint, Rail Trail; 3:39, motor-vehicle crash, without injury, Boston Road at Sandy Pond Road; 4:09, burglar alarm, Main Street; 4:10, motor-vehicle stop, Pepperell Road; 4:18, motor-vehicle stop, Pepperell Road at Castle Drive; 4:38, motor-vehicle stop, Pepperell Road; 4:48, welfare check, Pleasant Street; 4:53, disabled motor-vehicle, Hollis Street at Chicopee Row; 5:08, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street; 5:35, motor-vehicle stop, Mill Street; 6:02, civil complaint, Jenkins Road; 6:24, assist other police agency, Pleasant Street; 6:49, motor-vehicle stop, Longley at Nashua roads; 7:31, lost/found property, Main Street at Lowell Road; 8:11, motor-vehicle stop, West Main Street; 8:55, motor-vehicle stop, Townsend Road; 9:03, animal hit by motor-vehicle, West Main Street at Long Hill Road; 9:25, motor-vehicle stop, Pepperell at Hill roads.


A.M. :11, fire alarm, Hillside Ave.; :53, fire/smoke odor, Powderhouse Road; 8:06, motor-vehicle stop, West Main Street; 9:14, bear complaint, Westbrook Lane; 9:45, motor-vehicle stop, Old Dunstable Road at Bryanwood Lane; 10:02, noise complaint, Bridge Street; 10:30, fraud, Nashua Road; 11:16, motor-vehicle complaint, Nashua Road.

P.M. 2:18, welfare check, Main Street; 4:49, vandalism, Deerfield Drive; 5:12, motor-vehicle stop, Farmers Row; 5:27, motor-vehicle stop, Pleasant at Main streets; 5:34, motor-vehicle stop, Pepperell Road; 5:42, motor-vehicle stop, Chicopee Row; 6:04, motor-vehicle stop, Pepperell Road; 6:05, motor-vehicle stop, Chicopee Row; 6:13, suspicious activity, Flavell at Hoyts Wharf roads; 7:22, dog complaint, Old Ayer Road; 8:17, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street; 8:22, medical emergency, Prescott Street; 9:30, motor-vehicle stop, Townsend Road; 9:32, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street at Powderhouse Road; 9:58, motor-vehicle stop, Townsend Road; 10:06, suspicious activity, Old Ayer Road; 10:11, motor-vehicle stop, Boston Road; 10:25, motor-vehicle stop, Hollis Street at Wood Lane.


A.M. 3:03, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street at O’Neill Way; 5:02, fire alarm, Townsend Road; 5:48, motor-vehicle stop, Lowell Road; 8:08, civil complaint, Roxanne Road; 9:56, motor-vehicle stop, Boston Road; 10:57, safety hazard, Wyman road.

P.M. 2:48, motor-vehicle stop, Broadmeadow Road; 3:42, serve summons, Boston Road; 4:13, motor-vehicle stop, Townsend Road at Amelia Way; 4:32, motor-vehicle stop, Cow Pond Brook Road at Hoyts Wharf Road; 6:38, cow complaint, Kemp Street at Vose Ave.; 8:48, suspicious activity, Farmers Row; 9:12, motor-vehicle stop, West Main Street at Town Forest Road; 9:35, motor-vehicle stop, Lost Lake Drive at Otter Lane; 9:44, motor-vehicle stop, Lowell Road at Main Street; 10:00, motor-vehicle stop, Longley at Sand Hill roads; 10:)7, motor-vehicle stop, Cow Pond Brook Road; 10:12, motor-vehicle stop, Longley road; 10:42, motor-vehicle stop, Farmers Row at Peabody Street; 11:33, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street at Lowell Road; 11:38, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street at Lowell Road; 11:56, motor-vehicle stop, Boston Road at Lovers Lane.


A.M. :11, suspicious activity, Whitaker Lane; 5:31, motor-vehicle stop, Farmers Row; 10:30, motor-vehicle complaint, Main Street; 10:35, civil complaint, Redskin Trail.

P.M. 1:43, motor-vehicle stop, Gay Road; 8:02, serve summons, Boston road; 9:11, motor-vehicle complaint, Lowell Road at Lost Lake Drive; 9:49, dog compliant, Whiley Road; 10:37, most/found property, Pleasant Street;

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