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GROTON — Selectmen took under consideration Monday night a request by PCM Realty Trust for a license with the town to conduct landscape improvements across the street from local businessman Peter Myette’s 120 Boston Road property.

According to company attorney Robert Anctil, the improvements, including clearing away of brush and low hanging tree branches, is needed to improve the sight lines for vehicles pulling out of 120 Boston Road.

The improvements are part of Myette’s plan to redevelop his 3-acre property and construct a pair of two-story buildings intended for medical offices.

One building will have a footprint of 8,305 square feet while the other will have 2,400 square feet.

The total project will come to 21,410 square feet of floor space.

A vote at town meeting approved Myette’s concept plan allowing him to proceed with the project.

But as she did on the floor of town meeting, Dottie Mack, owner of Avalon Home Design, located immediately adjacent to Myette’s property, objected to the license agreement. She cited the need for screening across the street to protect people from wayward golf balls coming from the town’s Country Club.

To support her contention, Mack brought along a basket full of wayward golf balls she had collected.

In addition, Mack expressed her “extreme disgust” when PCM Realty refused to postpone the hearing after she told them that she would not be able to attend due a family emergency.

“You raise legitimate concerns,” soothed Chairman Peter Cunningham who nevertheless tried to keep the conversation focused on the issue at hand.

After concerns were raised by other members of the board, including thoughts on the issue by the Police Department and DPW, the hearing was continued until July 29 when Cunningham assured Mack that there would be ample opportunity then to air her concerns about the plan.

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