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Assessment system for job applicants could cost thousands


PEPPERELL — Issues touched upon by selectmen Monday night ranged from a series of appointments to appraising the value of a personality test for hiring.

Selectmen and Town Administrator John Moak discussed the possibility of using an employee assessment system called Predictive Index to evaluate job applicants.

Predictive Index works with employers to create a job profile and then to assess candidates for that job based on their personality, strengths, weaknesses and other factors. The system seeks to increase efficiency by identifying those candidates that are best suited to a given position.

Selectman Michael Green proposed looking into the system, which he said his own company uses, at a previous meeting.

Moak said he had met with a representative from the company to discuss the system. He said the cost would vary depending on which services the town chooses to utilize, but would cost thousands of dollars per year.

“Sometimes you need to spend money in order to save money,” Green said.

“I believe it could do a world of good for our town” he added.

Selectman Stephen Themelis said the expense was high, and would require thought by the board before making a decision.

“We have to really sit down and think where we want to put our taxpayers’ hard-earned money,” Themelis said.

Selectmen also approved an entertainment license for Dolce Wood Fired Italian Grille to feature music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Jessica Halloran, marketing manager for The Catalano Companies, which owns Dolce, eased concerns from selectmen about the noise affecting nearby homeowners. She said the music would be acoustic only, not feature full bands and cease by 10 p.m. when the restaurant closes.

“We want to look into local talent and have people come and meet their neighbors that are talented,” Halloran said.

Moak also urged action on a house on Heald Street where a Pepperell resident is housing dogs without a kennel license. A kennel license is required for any building housing four or more dogs.

Assistant Animal Control Officer Alicia Flagg said there have been several complaints from neighbors about the dogs barking, and she is concerned that the dogs aren’t being kept in a humane way.

Selectmen authorized Moak to act on their behalf in sending a cease and desist letter to the owner of the dogs.

“It’s almost a necessity that we move ahead with some kind of court action,” Moak said.

The board also approved the installation by National Grid of two poles on Hollis Street, which would replace current poles that are leaning into the sidewalk.

Selectman Michelle Gallagher was appointed as the representative to the Personnel Board and Jessica Owen as an alternate member on the Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee.

The board accepted the resignation of Sherrill Rosoff from the Zoning Board of Appeals after nine years of service.

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