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Townsend photographer captures everyday beauty of life

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TOWNSEND — Larry Libby is a machinist by day and an artist in his time off.

“I’m an artist who uses photography as my art. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer per say. I don’t work to order; I work for my own inspiration,” Libby said.

Libby, 56, of Townsend, said his artwork is still mostly a hobby, but that it is beginning to generate some revenue for him through sales.

He has begun selling his work on his website and Facebook page, but said he doesn’t push it too hard. Most of his sales come from word of mouth.

Libby’s hobby of photography began when he was 13, and was largely a product of spending his childhood years in France, where art was everywhere, he said.

But he had two turning points in recent years that turned photography from a hobby into a passion. The first was a photograph he took on Monhegan Island in Maine. The errors he saw after taking the digital photo made him want to try to correct the mistakes by looking through the lens of a better camera, he said.

The second was being offered an opportunity to photograph musical acts at the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley.

“I learned a lot about rendering and editing images with an emotional and artistic aspect,” he said.

Libby said his favorite subjects to photograph are everyday things, such as birds, New England scenes and other items found in nature.

“The little things are the important things in life. I like to call them to people’s attention,” he said.

One photo Libby took of the Cooperage in Townsend is particularly special to him.

“I always loved that building, and the water was high and rushing through after a steady rain that day. I was never satisfied with pictures I’d seen of the place. I used a long exposure to give the water that silky effect,” he said.

Libby advises people to try to capture the beauty in the little things themselves.

“When you’re driving and you see something and say, ‘Wow, I wish I had a picture of that,’ stop the car and get out and take a picture.”

Libby’s work can be viewed and ordered at his website,