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HARVARD — With a long agenda ahead of them, selectmen convened last week’s meeting a half hour earlier than usual, starting with the wrap-up of a previously continued public hearing.

At issue was an “alteration of premise” application from Scott Hayward, manager of The General Store, to change the parameters of the existing liquor license.

When they continued the hearing, selectmen said they wanted Town Administrator Tim Bragan to check with the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission about a sticking point on which they and Hayward didn’t see eye to eye.

Basically, Hayward wanted to change the “premises” parameters without changing the configuration of the store relative to where much of the wine and beer it is licensed to sell is displayed and stored. His plan was to limit the identified premise so that other areas could be rented out for events, while still keeping the wine shelves upstairs intact and available to browsers. Buyers, however, would make their purchases downstairs.

Originally, the “premises” where alcohol could be sold was limited to the second floor, which was laid out like a small wine shop, with a counter and cash register. The only exception would be that a sale could be rung up on the first floor for disabled customers. The upper stories of the building are not handicapped accessible.

At the earlier session, Chairman Marie Sobalvarro questioned whether the ABCC would approve such a change. Apparently, they had no problem with it, and selectmen didn’t either.

Without further ado, they granted the new license, which must still pass muster with the ABCC before it can be issued.

Continuing the meeting, selectmen got an update on the Town Hall renovation project from the Building Committee and a five-year plan overview from Library Trustees.