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“The horses are being overseen by the Animal Rescue League,” Hebert said, referring to horses reported as starving at the Heald Street address.

A large number of dogs is also reportedly living at the property, in the first floor of the house.

The owner of the property, Bonnie Blanchette, has already requested an appeal and the matter is expected to be taken up at the next board meeting. Gendron did not have a copy of the report with her, but indicated there were no major infractions.

Boynton Street landfill

The board requested that CEA, the company responsible for environmental testing at the Boynton Street Landfill, rewrite its proposed new contract to a one-year term rather than three. The new contract will increase from $8,215 to $9,250 for the coming year due to state testing requirements.

“I will call Mr. Lass tomorrow, and ask him for a modified contract for one year,” said Grogan.

“Basically, the state is erring on the side of caution. They find that most landfills are in remote parts of towns. And the reason they’re using the drinking water standard, which costs more money, is in the event that someone sets up shop and puts a well in, and starts drinking it, the state can at least say we went ahead of the game and tested it for drinking water standards,” said Grogan.

Funds for testing are expected to run out next year. Chairman Phillip Durno advised the board that he would again remind both Town Administrator John Moak and the Board of Selectmen that the funds would need to be replenished.

Camping at skydiving center

The board granted approval to Nashoba Boards of Health to approve the campground permit for the Pepperell Skydiving Center at 165 Nashua Road following a brief discussion. The center was inspected on June 11, but the write-up was not available for review at the meeting, and was pending receipt of a drawing from the owner showing all trailers and campsites.

“I’m disappointed that it’s been a week and she hasn’t produced what she said she’d produce,” said Malouin.

“It’s not my practice to just sign a piece of paper with not having reviewed everything that needs to be reviewed in the file,” she said.

“I say we give her the license for her property, which is what she submitted,” said Durno.

“I agree. I don’t like to sign a blank piece of paper. I like to read it first. On the other hand, she’s been very cooperative with anything we’ve asked for in the past,” said board member John Marriner.

“Because Mr. Garreffi went there, did an inspection, knows what he’s doing, I would approve of it for 165 Nashua Road only,” said Malouin.

The current permit for the campsites at the center expires on July 1. The board agreed that an “overflow” campsite on adjacent properties would not be covered by the new permit that would be restricted to only 165 Nashua Road.

In other business

The board approved a Local Upgrade Approval for an upgraded septic system at 93 Hollis St. The approval allows the system to be constructed with a one-foot groundwater reduction.

The board also approved a new septic system at 20 Emerson Circle.

A request for an irrigation well at Pinewood Estates was continued to the next meeting following a question as to whether the applicant had been properly advised of restrictions that were placed on the permit request by Health Agent Gendron.