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SHIRLEY — Voters in Shirley households that did not return the Annual Street Listing/Town Census were sent notices of voter Inactivation this week by the Town Clerk and Board of Registrars. Bylaw (MGL 51: 4-14, 37 and 37a and 56: 1-10) households must respond to the street listing each year. Non-responding voters are inactivated and non-responding residents are removed from the town’s list of residents.

Voters need to return the postage-paid post cards sent with the mailing. Those who still reside in Shirley or who have moved within Shirley will be restored immediately to the active voter list. Inactive voters who do not return the post cards remain eligible to vote for the next two biennials state election cycles, but they must present proof of residence (such as a driver’s license, utility bill, bank account record, or pay check) at the polls and complete and Affidavit of Current and Continuous Residence.

Households also need to complete and return the Annual Street List/Town Census form sent with the mailing. Members of the households of all ages should be included in the response. Information on residents under the age of 17 is confidential and only shared with emergency responders and the school district.

Please contact Town Clerk Amy McDougall at 978-425-2600, ext. 1 or for assistance. Thank you.

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