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Robbery at Workers’ Credit Union

The Townsend Police Department is investigating a Bank Robber that occurred Thursday at Workers Credit Union, located at 221 Main Street.

The report came in at 10:29 a.m.. Upon arrival, the suspects had left the area, driving what appeared to be an older model pickup truck, (possibly Ford) red/orange in color with silver paint located along the bottom and an orange light bar on the roof.

The pick up was also described as having no tailgate, with a blue tarp hanging over the rear bumper. Vehicle was last seen traveling westbound on Main Street in Townsend.

The suspect that entered the bank was described as a Hispanic male, approximately 5′ 11″ tall, 20s with short black hair wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a black tank top underneath, along with black sweatpants with a double white stripe.

In addition the suspect was described as wearing sunglasses and a blue and red Boston Red Sox baseball cap.

There was no weapon shown and approximately $10,000 taken.

The investigation is being led by Sgt. Cheryl Stevenson of the Townsend Police Department, with the assistance of the State Police Crime Scene Services, along with the Boston FBI Office Bank Task Force.

Any information relative to this incident can be directed to Sgt. Cheryl Stevenson at 978-597-6214, or at

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