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Pepperell Garden Club to hold annual plant sale May 18


PEPPERELL — Now that the snow has melted and the warm sunny days are here, our thoughts are turning to visions of outside work.

The lawn and gardens are calling. Maybe a tree has fallen during the winter or a beloved shrub or flowers were destroyed from all the snow.

Well, have no fear, the annual Pepperell Garden Club Plant Sale will be held on the lawn of the Lawrence Library on Saturday, May 18.

If you have attended this annual event before, then you know why in rain, shine, or even snow, the crowds will line up on the front lawn of the library and anxiously wait. At the stroke of 8 a.m., the plant sale will open. Many plant loving shoppers bring their own little red wagon to carry their plants.

Hanging plants, perennials, vegetables and annuals — customers as far away as Chelmsford, Fitchburg or even Amherst, N.H., eagerly wait to purchase these plants. Many of the plants are unusual varieties that the Pepperell Garden Club members gladly share to be sold at the plant sale. Many knowledgeable club members will help you select the right plants for your yard.

The Pepperell community eagerly awaits this annual event. They happily carry home their new plants to begin or enhance their gardens. Because of the vast variety, excellent quality, and low prices, the sale has grown year after year.

Don’t be late. The sale ends around noon and by that time, the plant sale is usually a total sell out.

For information, call Lisa at 433-3672.

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