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If there was a medical emergency, would you know just what to do?


If there was an emergency…

Your father grabs his chest in pain…

Your neighbor falls off his roof…

Your child stops breathing…

Would you know what to do?

Since 1972, the Harvard Ambulance Service (HAS) has provided skilled emergency care and hospital transport to anyone within the town confines who becomes injured or suddenly ill. We respond 24 hours a day, every day, to any and every situation. Our squad is composed entirely of volunteer EMTs. It’s a big and rewarding commitment.

HAS offers qualified adult residents and Bromfield students the opportunity to undergo EMT-Basic training, paid for by Harvard Ambulance. This training consists of roughly 140 hours of classroom education and skills development, and culminates in two state examinations.

Another opportunity to serve Harvard Ambulance is to become a certified driver. Candidates will receive instruction and practice driving the ambulance.

We invite you to come hear more about:

*Joining a team that takes care of its community

*Enjoying the fulfillment of helping others

*Learning skills that will last a lifetime

*Being the person who knows what to do

Become a Harvard EMT or Ambulance Driver!

Information Session: May 14, 7 p.m.

Harvard Public Safety Building, 40 Ayer Road, Harvard.

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