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U8 Breakers vs. Revolution

The U8 Breakers played the Revolution on Sunday. Amanda Regan scored a difficult corner shot goal in the game. Matthew Regan, Lukian Yamanishi, Anthony Plourde and Jill Hodgson each tallied goals for the Breakers. Aiden White, Kyleigh Graham and Jiro Kashiwabara all contributed shots on goal. The entire team played an amazing defensive game, with many blocked shots, tackles and saves. Jackson Apostolou and Julia Chase made key defensive plays.

The Revolution put on quite a show against the Breakers, with goals by Eva Morrissey, Andrew Peterson, Christian Price, as well as Lauren and Andy Torpey. On the defensive side, outstanding hustle and defensive plays from Abriana Cronstrom, Haley Palmer, Christian Price and Emma Tierney kept the game close. Jack Anderson, Olivia Peterson and Katie Young showed great hustle and team spirit, working the ball on both sides of the field.

U8 Galaxy vs. Phantoms

The Galaxy had a strong game against the Phantoms. Both teams played exceptionally well. Connor McCall had noteworthy passing to Douglas Hall and Tristan Miner, while Brady Rubin showed great hustle throughout the game for the Galaxy team. Ella Holloran tackled and cleared the ball for the team with great control and scored a goal with swift attack on the net in the second quarter. It heated up quickly in the third quarter with several passes by Jaden Boucek leading to goals by Anja VanClief and Brady Rubin. Sawyer Mercier had strong hustle and shooting on the field. Douglas Hall made an additional goal in the quarter. Another great pass by Jaden Boucek led the team to a goal made by Ella Holloran in the final quarter. Fast footwork by Ryan LaRosae in a pass to Jaden Boucek and continuing on for another pass to Brady Rubin kept the team spirited in their plays on the field. Kenji Lordan stayed with the ball while avoiding tackling opponents. Grace Menicci displayed great hustle, and the game concluded with a pair of goals by Holloran.

U6 Cougars vs. Wizards

Cougars’ game against the Wizards was full of excitement. The wizards brought strong effort with several great plays and lots of hustle on the field. Rebekah Sylvester, Ava Borecki and Delaney Brebner demonstrated tight turns and superb passing to their team members. The wizards also sported some great defense, with Emma Johnson blocking a huge shot early in the first quarter while Elisha O’Connor displayed some great tackling. Lots of great assists on the field resulted in some high scoring. Ava LaMonica, Israel O’Connor, Sean Tennis, Corey Mills and Emma Johnson worked with their teammates on some big plays that resulted in goals.

On the other side of the field, the Cougars played a great game as well, with goals scored by Luke Bettencourt, Kate Spengler, June Denk-Cole and Connor Hills. Nathan Hallbourg, Scott Rich and Anna Bassett showed great hustle throughout the game. Jack Boccelli, Landon Martin and Sawyer Linton helped their team with great passing. Both teams demonstrated great spirit on the field.