Harvard’s Bromfield pulls away in second half and defeats league foe Murdock


Also featured in the initial Trojans spurt was a coast-to-coast layup by Granville and a Kennedy layup. But all the energy the Trojans mustered off the early spurt was smothered by a three-point projectile by Murphy with 6:40 remaining off a ball-screen from the right corner to cut the Trojans’ lead to 6-3.

Murphy would go on to rattle home four three-point baskets in the first quarter. Bromfield owned an 18-16 lead at the end of the first quarter, but the lead was far from safe.

Murdock entered the second quarter on a 10-0 run highlighted by a couple key baskets from Murphy and Patric Culverhouse. Murphy cannoned a three-pointer from the right side off a perfect pick by Austin Russell to give the Blue Devils’ their first lead of the game, 21-18, with 5:01 left in the half. Klem picked Culverhouse’s pocket and drove the lane for a Dr. J-like layup on the ensuing play to bring Bromfield within one.

Bromfield encountered a bit of a funk in the second quarter from the field, and the Blue Devils capitalized on the Trojans miscues. The Blue Devils led by as much as six in the second quarter, but they saw that lead slip away as the clock ticked down. O’Leary heaved up a three-point rainmaker from about 24 feet and tickled the nylon at the buzzer to send the Trojans to the locker room with a 28-27 lead.

The end of the third quarter was a true turning point in the game as Bromfield jumped out to a 10-2 run that stretched into the fourth. Bromfield’s run began when Frackiewicz chucked the ball with his right hand from the elbow and connected as time expired on the quarter to give the Trojans a 49-45 lead.

“We woke up in the second half offensively,” said Hill. “It was a good win, but a bit of a challenge. We need to work a little harder on defense. I hope that this game showed us if we take our time and run plays, we will be fine.”