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Juvenile arrested in sexual assault case

As the result of ongoing police investigation of an alleged past sexual assault involving two juveniles, an unnamed juvenile student was arrested at the Bromfield School on Thursday morning, Dec. 6. The case is not related to the school, Officer William Castro said.

Hunting season sets off calls

With hunters in the woods in and around town lately, police have received a spate of related calls from local residents in recent weeks. On Saturday morning, Dec. 8, for example, residents on Bolton Road reported hearing gunshots, and one of the callers reported finding a dead deer on his property, although he didn’t give anyone permission to hunt there. It’s likely the animal was shot elsewhere and tracked to the spot where it died, Castro saod, because the resident later called back to say it was gone before Animal Control Officer Paul Willard went there to pick it up. Apparently, the hunters showed up, took the deer and left, he said, but police had no contact with them.

Stow man faces drunken driving charge

A 26-year old Stowe man was arrested early Sunday morning after police stopped him for speeding on Ayer Road. Gary Nixon, of Pine Point Road was charged with speeding and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The traffic stop took place at 2:37 a.m. He was released on bail a few hours later.

Resident reports falling for phone scam

Tuesday morning, Dec. 11, a town resident reported a phone scam, but unfortunately, he’d already fallen for it. The caller told the man he’d won a large sum of money but in order to claim it, he would have to take a cab that the caller would send to his home, go to Walmart, buy two gift cards for specified amounts and turn them over, with his reward to come later. The man followed the instructions, but apparently figured something was wrong and called the police.

The caller was bold, said Castro, who spoke to him on the phone at the man’s home. The call apparently came from an untraceable cell phone and it’s unlikely the scam artist will be found, he said.