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The Town of Ayer DPW has a pamphlet “A Residents Guide to Snow Removal Operations and Procedures” which is available at Town Hall, the library and the DPW office on Brook Street. This pamphlet details the snow removal operations, the DPW’s responsibilities and the resident’s responsibilities. Some key items that you should know about are:

* Drive cautiously. Be aware of the road conditions and your surroundings.

* Refrain from traveling during a storm event unless it is absolutely necessary.

* If you have an emergency situation and need to have your road plowed immediately, contact the Police Dispatch and a crew will respond.

* Do not permit children to play in and around the edge of the road. Snow forts carved in the snow-banks are strongly discouraged.

* Do not plow, shovel or blow snow into the roadway.

* The DPW clears snow and ice from the sidewalks on major pedestrian routes in town. Clearing snow and ice from other sidewalks is the owner’s responsibility. Please assist us with clearing sidewalks in a timely manner.

* Prior to final clean-up of your driveway, check the road condition. If it does not appear to be completely clear or needs to be widened, chances are the plow may return and may push snow back into the entrance of your driveway. Waiting until the plows have finished making the roadways safe might keep you from clearing your driveway more than once.

* Clean around any hydrants and catch basins. Doing so will help the Fire Department in case there is a need to locate and operate the hydrant. Exposing catch basin grates will help remove the runoff from the snow-melt and prevent ponding (and freezing) of water in the street.

* Be Patient. All roads will be cleared as soon as possible.