Beware, taxpayers of Ayer, beware. Taxes on our homes will be going up to a point that many seniors and residents will have no choice but to sell their homes. What a shame for those people that will not have a choice; higher property taxes will be the reason for most.

For our children’s sake, I am glad that they have a new school. However, it will bring our property taxes up more than $200 for the year and many years to come. That, however, is only the beginning; much more money will be needed for school projects that were not covered under what we voted on.

Residents and seniors also need to be aware of the selectman’s meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 4, at town hall at 7 p.m. The selectmen and assessors will meet to discuss our tax rate for the coming year. We all know the three selectmen that want to change our split tax rate, (the three that always vote together). Last year the tax rate for seniors and residents went up 8 percent.

Last year most businesses were sent special reminders from town hall to attend the selectmen-assessors tax meeting. The residents got no special reminder from town hall, only businesses. All seniors and residents need to attend this meeting and voice their opinion because sometimes enough is enough. Speak up and be heard, or it will never end.

Ayer does not have a revenue problem, but it sure does have a spending problem. I believe it’s time all the selectmen start looking out for the residents and not their special interests. Merry Christmas.