HUDSON — Solarize Shirley wrapped up on Nov. 4 with 13 local homeowners opting to install solar-energy systems under the state-sponsored program, according to Shirley Solar Coach Bryan Dumont.

Twelve solar electric and one solar hot water system were purchased at substantially discounted prices. Shirley achieved Tier 3 pricing out of a possible five tiers.

The new solar electric and hot water systems have a combined capacity of nearly 70,000 watts, and should generate approximately 70,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. That offsets 35 metric tons of carbon dioxide. The solar electric owners will save a total of more than $9,000 a year on their electric bills.

“Solarize is one state government program that has a direct, immediate and visible benefit on our citizens. Even though many roofs didn’t work out due to shade or azimuth, several hundred people learned about solar energy through this program, and that’s a real win,” Dumont said.

“Had market conditions been more favorable, the numbers might have been even higher,” said Mark Durrenberger, president of New England Clean Energy, the solar installer for Solarize Shirley. “The lease company we contracted with for our Solarize proposal backed out when SREC prices dropped. We were able to offer a Power Purchase Agreement alternative toward the end of the program, but the electricity savings weren’t appealing enough to sway consumers. In the end, every Solarize system was purchased using savings or a bank loan,” Durrenberger said.

“The town and people of Shirley, Bryan Dumont in particular, should be commended for their efforts in this program,” he added.

Individuals, families and businesses who missed the program deadline but still are interested in solar should contact New England Clean Energy at 978-56-SOLAR or via

Solarize Massachusetts is administered by the Mass Clean Energy Center and the Department of Energy Resources.

New England Clean Energy is the only installer to participate in the Solarize Massachusetts program for two years, having served as installer for the town of Harvard, which was the most successful of the four pilot towns in 2011. The company has put more solar on Massachusetts homes than any other local company. New England Clean Energy designs, engineers and installs solar electric and solar hot water systems, as well as solar attic fans and solar parking lot lighting systems for homes and businesses. The company has installed more than 200 solar systems throughout Central Massachusetts since being founded in 2006. recently awarded the company five honors, including Highest Customer Satisfaction among Massachusetts solar installers. The company is based in Hudson.