The fund has been established to provide energy assistance for low-income Harvard residents.

Applicants must provide documentation of income earnings in order to be eligible to participate in this program. Income shall include all income such as pensions, interest from savings accounts, IRAs, stocks or bonds, etc. Submit copy of utility bill to be considered as well.

Income eligibility ranges from $30,718 to $106,948 (gross annual income) depending on family size, from one to eight people.

Extraordinary circumstances (e.g. an unusual expense burden) will be considered.

A copy of documentation demonstrating participation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (if eligible) or other earnings records must accompany the application. Applications will be accepted through March 1.

All information received will be held in the strictest confidence.

Funds will be disbursed on a rolling basis. Since funds are derived from volunteer contributions, no set dollar amount can be established.

The funds that are granted to applicants will be paid directly to the energy source provider: natural gas, heating oil, or electric company.

For further information, contact Council on Aging Director Debbie Thompson at 978-456-4120, Town Administrator Tim Bragan at 978-456-4100, ext. 313, or executive assistant Julie Doucet at 978-456-4100, ext. 312.