On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of the Ayer-Shirley Regional School District, we want to say thank you to the people of Ayer and Shirley for your overwhelming support of the high-school project. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have the community behind you, and on Nov. 17, you, the citizens of Ayer and Shirley showed that you support education, and we greatly appreciate that support.

We could not be more excited about this project and will waste no time getting started. We are confident that this project will not only benefit the students and staff of the high school, but it will benefit the entire school district and both towns as well. We know that there are families and businesses that were watching to see what would happen here. They are contemplating their own investment in our community and you have told them in no uncertain terms that we are willing to invest in our community to make it better. This is going to set the stage for growth in the schools, growth in the towns and better economic times for all of us.

We know that with this approval, you have put your trust in us and we do not take that lightly. We know there is a lot of work to do and we are prepared to not only make good decisions around this project, but to make the improvements necessary to build an excellent school system from pre-K to grade 12. We promise to continually strive for excellence in programming and continue building a school district that the region can be proud of once again.

We want to thank the members of the ASRSD Building Committee. This group of volunteers spent countless hours working diligently on finding the best possible solution for the school district and the two towns. They have been very diligent stewards of the community while finding the best solution for the problem. Their work is not over. They will spend two more years to make sure that the community gets the facility it wants and deserves. We say thank you to them for the outstanding work done to date and for the work they will continue to do.

This is not an end, it is a beginning. We will continue to need your support and involvement to make sure we are developing a culture that honors achievement in the classroom, in the arts, in community service and excellence on the ball field or court. We encourage you to take ownership and pride in your school district and let us know what is going well and what needs improvement.

The high-school project approval by you, the citizens of Shirley and Ayer, has already invigorated the faculty, staff and administration in the district. We are ready to move forward as a district and as a community.

Please follow our activities and the progress on the high-school project at

Ayer Shirley Regional School Committee

Joyce Reischutz, chair

Pat Kelly, vice-chair

Michele Granger, secretary

Dan Gleason, member

Susan Therriault, member

Jim Quinty, member

Carl Mock, superintendent, ASRSD

Mary Beth Hamel, asst. superintendent ASRSD

Murray Clark, chair, ASRSD Building Committee

Mitch Kahn, vice-chair, ASRSD Building Committee