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Police received a call from a Dunkin Donuts manager Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 17, to report a past larceny at the Harvard store on Ayer Road.

A counter clerk said a man had ordered two doughnuts and handed her a $50 bill, all the while “engaging” her in conversation while she rang up the small purchase and counted out his change.

The upshot was that the clerk got confused and when she gave the customer his change, she gave him back the $50 bill as well. The man then left the store with a $50 windfall.

In this instance, other employees, suspicious of the man’s odd behavior, followed him out to the parking lot and took down the plate number on his car. Police located the vehicle and spoke to the driver, who denied having pulled a deliberate switch but did agree to return the money. The police report states that he did so, Officer William Castro said.

Target credit card reportedly stolen

An Oak Hill Road resident called police on Wednesday afternoon to report that someone had illegally obtained a Target credit card in her name and charged $1,000 in purchases on it. Since the theft occurred at the Target store in Leominster, the woman was advised to contact Leominster Police, Officer Castro said.

Motor vehicle accidents

A lone motorcyclist traveling north on Eldridge Road near the Stow town line Saturday afternoon, Oct. 20, failed to make the corner when the bike skidded in wet leaves on the roadway. The bike tipped over and the female rider fell off. She lived nearby and was apparently headed home when the spill occurred. According to the crash report, the woman was transported by Harvard ambulance to Emerson Hospital in Concord for treatment of minor injuries.

Later on Saturday afternoon, another accident occurred at Ayer and Whitney roads when a loose horse ran into the side of a motor vehicle pulling a trailer. No other information was available. However, the log entry does not note property damage, a tow or a medical call

Hunter advised to stay off private property

An Old Mill Road resident reported to police Sunday afternoon, Oct. 21, that someone left hunting equipment in the woods on her property, including a game camera. The hunter, a Lunenburg man, was located and his equipment was returned. The man was informed he’d been unwittingly trespassing on private property and that the wooded area he’d been staking out as future hunting grounds was off limits, Officer Castro said.