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There are likely few among us who are happy with the operation of the federal government. Greed, waste and outright theft are rampant. It’s no way to run a country that stands as a shining symbol of hope and freedom, built on blood and sacrifice.

But as we stop and think about the most troublesome factors, a so-called elephant in the room is the deficit. Spending money we don’t have is not the answer, especially when we don’t even know where the money goes.

We agree with neither presidential candidate on all points. But our clear choice for president is Mitt Romney.

When thinking about Barack Obama, one thing is certain: He is a great speaker. His oratory is commanding and filled with awe-inspiring phrases that tell us just what we want to hear. But after four years, we now know that his speeches are just words.

The Obama administration spends our money like water. It has made us beholden to a country we do not count among our friends. The interest alone could do so much good here at home and around the world.

We don’t like the evasion and lack of transparency we have seen with “Fast and Furious” and the Libya attack. We don’t agree that the Sept. 11 murder of our ambassador and his security team are so unimportant that the President of the United States should go to Las Vegas for a fundraiser while at the same time claiming ignorance to what happened there.

We are aghast that the embassy’s repeated warnings and calls for help were ignored.

We disagree with efforts to try terrorists in U.S. courts and are not convinced that this administration truly honors military service. We want to see our men and women come home from Iraq and Afghanistan but believe telling the enemy when we are leaving is a logistical mistake. Are their lives and the potential for success of these missions less important than announcing a campaign promise kept?

We need a president willing to reach across the aisle and lead the country in the decisions that will put us back on the right track. We need a president who believes in and will build on the greatness of the U.S.A. and not work to rebuild America into some utopian ideal.

We need a president to whom politics will take a back seat to what’s best for the country.

We need Mitt Romney.