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HARVARD — Harvard Cable TV Committee member John Burns updated the school committee Monday on the plan to move the station’s studio from the old library to the lower basement of the middle school.

Burns said that after School Committee member Keith Cheveralls approached the station about relocating in the school basement, the station began looking at its program goals and realized that the move gives HCTV an opportunity to get more involved with the school.

The station will get an upgraded studio and facilities, with nearly double the space at 1,700 square feet, and is in the process of identifying sources of funding, developing a transition plan, and developing its first-year course offerings.

Burns said that, with the help of school district IT Manager Chris Boyle, networking could be a modest amount of work. However, the station needs to meet with the architectural access board concerning the issue of ADA compliance.

Modifications to the space, including subcontracted work on the partitions and doors, would likely start in the third quarter of FY13, and be completed by the middle of FY14.

The HCTV board has visited other schools with cable TV stations, and was particularly impressed with Northborough, Burns said. “When you hear about the successful collaborations in other towns, I think we are going to be successful.”

The school committee, concerned with the air quality in the proposed space, approved $1,000 from the operating budget to test it.

The school committee also approved a capital request, the amount of which has yet to be determined, to make the studio more readily accessible. The construction estimate is currently in the capital plan, but with no figure.

The funds would be to make the middle school entryway overlooking the library into one that is accessible into the middle school area by the exterior door, but with the interior door more secure. In addition, the bathrooms would be reconfigured for unisex use.